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22. 為老年人提供更好的照顧StevieCaring for the eldery - SteviePeople over 65 are the fastest-growing age group in much of the developed world, but the growth of the eldercare workforce isn』t keeping pace. The shortfall of paid care workers in the U.S. alone could exceed 150,000 by 2030, a gap that Dublin-based Akara Robotics believes AI can help fill. Akara』s signature creation is Stevie, a socially assistive robot designed for care homes. The robot has a friendly face, and can be adapted to play games, make deliveries and facilitate video chats. During initial trials this year in a Washington, D.C., retirement community, researchers found that residents liked Stevie best when it was entertaining them with stories and being social. Those features are important to get right, says Conor McGinn, Stevie』s lead engineer, as they are 「the things that seem to affect people』s quality of life.」

20. 為玩家而生的VROculus QuestUser Friendly VR - Oculus QuestVR has been slow to catch on with the general public; it』s expensive, and there』s been a need for some tech knowledge and accoutrements to participate. The Quest might be the system that finally brings virtual reality into every home in America. Unlike older high-end VR setups, Oculus』 newest device doesn』t connect to a PC or require any external wires, and its VR-?enabled controllers and built-in motion-?tracking cameras allow you to safely move around a room and fully immerse yourself in games or experiential content. To set up the Quest, you just put on the headset, draw a virtual safety boundary in the room you』re using and jump into the action. Once inside, the possibilities are nearly limitless. You could find yourself in a boxing ring surrounded by a cheering crowd, pursuing a mission in the world of Star Wars or sword slashing to the music in Beat Saber. The experiences are so immersive that after taking off the headset, you might be stunned to realize you』ve been in the same room the whole time. A full set starts at $399—less than other VR headsets at this level. Consumers are clearly on board: the Quest had a sold-out release in May, and in just the first two weeks, Oculus sold more than $5?million of Quest apps and games.

Our digital world is creating new data by the sextillion, and storing it is costly and takes up physical space. CATALOG took inspiration from the human body』s efficient system for storing genetic information to create the DNA Data Writer, which prints data on blank, synthetic strands of DNA. The company recently printed and stored 16 gigabytes of the English text version of Wikipedia on DNA in about 12 hours—roughly 1,000 times faster than previously achieved rates. Commercial pilot testing is set for 2020.

7. 會說話的助聽器Starkey Livio AIA Talking Hearing Aid - Starkey Livio AIMany people who could benefit from a hearing aid avoid it, fearing it signals infirmity. Starkey Hearing Technologies answers that fear with a device that does more than amplify sound and tone down background noise. Livio AI is embedded with sensors and artificial intelligence that allow it to stream music; verbally answer questions like a smart assistant; translate conversations into your language; detect falls (and alert loved ones); measure physical activity; and track how often you talk to other people during the day—useful for elderly users who can become isolated. Since launching in 2018, 「it』s our best-selling product ever,」 says Achin Bhowmik, chief technology officer at Starkey, who wears the device even though he doesn』t have hearing loss. 「It』s better than normal hearing.」 Livio AI is available from hearing professionals.

專業攝影變得簡單——Remo Tech OBSBOT 相機如果您曾經獨自拍攝家庭電影或YouTube視頻☆〇,就會知道時刻保持自己在畫面中是件很難的事情?。現在┊,OBSBOT攝影機可以成為您的專業攝影師☆。只需將這個589美元的相機放在桌子或三腳架上;在配套應用中選擇您的主題;然後OBSBOT相機將會自動平移♂┊﹡,傾斜和縮放◇⌒↑,以跟隨被拍攝目標∵,鎖定他們在舞台上的身影或在足球場上的衝刺?△,並以4K視頻捕獲其動作↑π。您還可以使用手勢或通過應用程序發出命令↑┊〇,從而進一步自定義拍攝偏好或風格◇♀。


Take a sample from almost any major body of water, and you』re likely to find microplastics, or bits of plastic pollution less than 5 mm long. Many experts agree that microplastics are a cause for concern, as they may harm marine life or taint our fish and water supplies. But little is known about them beyond their ?prevalence—in an August report, the World Health Organization said getting more microplastics data is an 「urgent concern.」 That』s where the Microplastics-?Sensing Autonomous Underwater Vehicle comes in. Designed jointly by Draper and Sprout working alongside the Environmental Protection Agency, the raylike drone is meant to swim around a body of water, collecting and analyzing samples for their microplastics content. Draper project lead Lou Kratchman says that data can be a jumping-off point for more advanced microplastics research. 「We need something that』s comparable to the world Air Quality Index,」 he says. 「Kind of a global weather map that, in real time, we can look and see how the microplastics situation is changing.」 While the drone is still a concept, a simpler prototype is already being successfully used in?Hawaii.

13. 外賣△▽,現代化□♂⊿!Postmates ServeMeal Delivery, Modernized-Postmates ServeYour next Postmate might not arrive in a car. Meet the delivery service』s newest rover, Serve, which has two eyes and four wheels and navigates the sidewalks remotely monitored by a human pilot. The robot, which Postmates says can carry 50 lb. and travel 30 miles on a single charge, will join more than 350,000 people who deliver food for the company. Customers receive their meals by using a touchscreen on the rover. Designed to navigate in urban spaces with more ease and less environmental impact than a larger vehicle, Postmates says Serve reduces delivery costs and traffic while increasing sales for local restaurants. The service has initial plans to roll out in Los Angeles and San Francisco.


前沿的數據存儲 - CATALOG DNA數據寫入器我們的數字世界正在以10的21次方速度創建新的數據┊﹡↑,這些數據的存儲既昂貴又佔用物理空間◇☆▽。CATALOG的靈感來自於人體高效的基因信息存儲系統△☆,並由此創建了可在空白的合成DNA鏈上打印數據的DNA數據寫入器◇▽▽。該公司最近在大約12小時內在DNA上打印並存儲了16 GB的英文文本版本的維基百科∴,這比以前達到的速度快了大約1000倍∵☆▽。商業試點測試定於2020年☆〇∵。


為老年人提供更好的照顧 - Stevie23. 保護你的數據Helm Personal ServerProtecting Your Data - Helm Personal ServerOur personal information, stored by corporations like Google and Yahoo, seems more vulnerable than ever to hacks and leaks. One way to help keep it private is by storing it yourself using an email attached to a custom domain name; Helm CEO Giri Sreenivas calls email the 「core of your online identity」 through which you access nearly 「every account that you have ?online.」 For $499, the Helm Personal Server is a service and device that gives you private email and stores it securely, along with files, contacts and calendars. Its first two manufacturing runs have already sold out.


11. 升級版人造肉漢堡Impossible Burger2.0A Better Plant Burger-Impossible Burger 2.0The classic veggie burger got an upgrade with the Impossible Burger 2.0, an alternative to ground beef that even chars and bleeds, despite being made entirely from plant-based proteins. Its makers have capitalized on public desire for a more sustainable burger this year, making headlines for partnering with Burger King and launching their plant-based meat at grocery chains on the East and West Coasts. The company plans to build on its product line by launching other meat alternatives, like faux chicken and fish. For now, though, 「Our competition is only the cow,」 a company spokesperson says.



Tracking Water Pollution-Draper/Sprout Microplastics-Sensing Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

如與生俱來∵﹡,可隨心而動——BrainRobotics 人工智能假肢BrainRobotics 智能假肢手開創了其領域內的先河:人工智能算法讓用戶可以操作無限種手勢□。與現有的其他機械假肢手不同π△〇,BrainRobotics 假肢手使用了一種能讓用戶與手互相學習的先進算法﹡⌒,讓用戶對手的操作熟練度隨着使用時間不斷提升⌒﹡┊。同時⊿┊♀,該產品使用了多達8個通道的肌電信號傳感器⌒◇◇,使用戶可以通過殘肢肌肉做出精細的操控指令☆♀。雖然這套系統目前還在測試階段◇?,一位測試用戶已經可以通過該智能假肢與郎朗表演四手聯彈♀。

12. 智能拐杖WeWalkA Smart Cane - WeWalkA few years ago, Kursat Ceylan, who is blind, was trying to find his way to a hotel, using a smartphone map app and a cane while pulling luggage, when he walked into a pole, cutting his forehead. He co-?developed the ?WeWALK—a smart cane that detects objects above chest level and pairs with apps, such as Google Maps—to help the 250 million visually impaired and blind people worldwide navigate a digital world without having to juggle a smartphone. The WeWALK costs $499.

一台更加靈活輕便的電腦-聯想ThinkPad X1 可摺疊筆記本既是筆記本電腦〇,又是平板電腦——聯想ThinkPad X1 摺疊本?,一翻一折之間♂?△,顛覆了您對筆記本電腦的認知〇∴。配備可對摺的13.3英寸2K OLED觸摸屏幕△◇,聯想Think Pad X1 摺疊本可以滿足您在各種場景中的不同需求:可以像平板電腦一樣平鋪在桌上;可以像書本一樣在通勤時半開着帶上地鐵;也可以像使用傳統筆記本一樣進行辦公﹡π。ThinkPad X1 摺疊本的觸摸板遍布整個屏幕♀,使用者也可使用虛擬鍵盤進行打字⊿┊⊿,抑或是將其放在支架上┊,鏈接外置鍵盤與鼠標∴?。摺疊后↑☆,9英寸的大小要比大多數小型筆記本更加便攜┊。可摺疊屏幕的概念可能看起來有些超前♀△↑,但此項設計真正做到了從用戶角度出發∵♂◇,以平板電腦的體積實現了一台搭載Windows操作系統所有功能的台式機所能做到的一切♂?。聯想ThinkPad X1摺疊本將於2020年投放市場∵〇∵。

The touchscreen spans the entire surface, though users can pull up or retract a virtual keyboard for typing, and the ThinkPad X1 Foldable can sit in a stand or dock for use with a physical keyboard and mouse. When folded, the device is the size of a 9-in. folio—more portable than most small laptops. A foldable screen may seem futuristic, but it』s designed to be user-friendly while still functioning not like a tablet but like a full PC—Windows operating system and all. The ThinkPad X1 Foldable is set to be on the market in 2020.


The BrainRobotics prosthetic hand is a first in its field: an intuitive AI-powered hand that allows the user to make unlimited gestures and grips. Unlike other prosthetic hands that came before it, this one employs an algorithm that allows the hand and user to learn from each other and becomes more lifelike with each use. The device also uses eight multichannel electromyography sensors in the wrist, which enable the hand to process muscle signals from the user』s arm, allowing more accurate control over grips and hand motions. Although the product is still in the testing phase, one beta tester was able to play a piano duet with great success. 「We hope our invention can give amputees the ability to proudly control prosthetics just like they are using their real hands,」 says Max Newlon, the president of parent company BrainCo. When available, the hand will cost $10,000 to $15,000—?relatively affordable, considering similar devices can cost significantly more.



更有效地利用風-GE的Haliade-X海上風力渦輪發電機隨着全球變暖的惡化△,政治上越來越大的壓力促使世界轉向清潔能源┊∵。今年首次提出的GE的Haliade-X海上風力渦輪發電機了為其行業發展提供了新的解決方案△∵☆。世界上最大的海上風力渦輪發電機的每個葉片的延伸長度超過足球場的長度♀▽⌒,並且其高度超過華盛頓紀念碑的高度⌒♂。這是一項重大的進步因為對於海上風力渦輪發電機⊙♂┊,更大通常意味着更好♀〇△。通過電子數據控制和其他升級⊿,即使在風力不足以驅動其他渦輪機的情況下⊿♀,Haliade-X海上風力渦輪發電機也是其行業內效率最高的﹡↑♂。 近期內GE希望在美國東北部以及歐洲◇↑∟,中國和日本開始提供服務﹡。

可移動能源 - We Care 太陽能「旅行箱」美國婦產科醫生勞拉·斯塔切爾(LauraStachel)在尼日利亞的時候觀察過一個複雜的分娩情況⊿↑?。這個國家停電是很常見的事情π□,因此也是世界上生產死亡率最高的國家之一♂。因此⊿⊿,Stachel要求她的丈夫∟,一位太陽能專家∵↑⌒,建造一個便攜的、手提箱大小的裝置π,以便下次她可隨時帶入產房發電⊿,給燈和胎兒心臟監護儀提供能量♂。當她帶着第一個太陽能手提箱回到尼日利亞醫院時⊙?,助產士懇求她把裝置留下來♀〇。現在⌒,Stachel的非盈利組織已經向27個發展中國家運送了近4000台┊?,結束了「黑暗」生產♀。

未來的電視 - LG 88英寸 OLED 8K電視10. 目光∴□▽,為娛樂所用Comcast Xfinity X 眼控設備Entertainment by Sight-Comcast Xfinity X1 Eye Control



15. 減少錯誤診斷Qlarity Imaging QuantXReducing false diagnoses-Qlarity Imaging QuantXDiagnosing breast cancer can be a worrisomely old-school process. For all of the 21st century tech that can image tumors, the ultimate diagnosis still rests with the radiologist』s eyes and judgment. With 30 million breast-cancer screenings in the U.S. each year, that can lead to a lot of false negatives and positives. QuantX backstops radiologists with AI-enabled software that analyzes MRIs to confirm or challenge their diagnosis. The system was approved by the FDA in 2017 when a clinical study showed a 39% reduction in missed cancers and a 20% improvement in overall accuracy. QuantX is currently being tried out at the University of Chicago and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, with a bigger rollout planned in the coming months.


2. 如與生俱來♂,可隨心而動BrainRobotics人工智能假肢A More Lifelike Prosthetic - BrainRobotics AI prosthetic hand



8. 虛擬手術Osso VRVirtual Surgery - Osso VRVirtual reality can be extremely useful when it comes to ?training—?for first-time drivers, pilots and even surgeons. The Osso?VR software is designed to give doctors a virtual operating-?room experience. 「Even after four years of college, four years of medical school and five years of residency on average, 30% of graduates still cannot operate on their own,」 says Dr. Justin Barad, co-founder and CEO of Osso?VR. 「That』s insane.」 Osso?VR is now being used in hospitals around the U.S., and soon surgeons in health centers in underdeveloped countries, such as Tanzania, Cambodia and Ethiopia, will also be able to learn from leading experts from around the world without having to leave their hospitals.

Stellar active noise cancellation silences the world around you—but you can choose to maintain environmental awareness by turning on 「transparency mode.」 Although you can』t plug a headphone splitter into an iPhone anymore, you can use your AirPods Pro (or a second pair of AirPods) to share audio with a friend when paired with any iOS 13 device. All this adds up to an unparalleled experience when it comes to truly wireless earbuds.


會說話的助聽器 - Starkey Livio AI許多可以從助聽器中受益的人都會避免使用它⌒,因為有人覺得助聽器代表了身體疾病□。 Starkey助聽器技術通過放大聲音、降低背景噪音和更多的功能來消除這種擔憂〇。 Livio AI嵌入了許多對於孤獨老人十分有用的功能♂□∵,例如在線聽音樂、像智能助手一樣口頭回答問題、將對話翻譯成您的語言、跌倒檢測(並通知親人)◇?,測量日常身體活動和跟蹤白天與他人交談頻率等∵⊙↑。Starkey首席技術官Achin Bhowmik表示自2018年推出以來⌒π♀,「這是我們有史以來最暢銷的產品」⊙⌒。 即使沒有聽力問題?♀﹡,他也佩戴了該設備♀♀。 「它比正常人的聽力還要好♂△┊。」 Livio AI可從專業人士處獲得┊↑。

聽到你所看到的 - OrCam MyEye 2對於視力障礙者來說◇◇,OrCam MyEye 2將會在未來改變現實的遊戲規則〇〇。OrCam MyEye 2作為人工智能設備被稱為「會說話的眼鏡」∟?⊿,這種設備可安裝在任何眼鏡的鏡架上並可識別面部和貨幣┊∟∵,或從條形碼中讀取所需的文字和信息∵☆π。這項技術的發明者阿姆農·沙舒亞(Amnon Shashua)曾說過將所有這些功能安裝到這種小型設備中就像「將大象放入小型壁櫥」□▽。 OrCam MyEye 2對閱讀困難的人(例如誦讀困難者)也大有裨益♂?┊。計劃于明年發佈的新版本將會升級換代⊙?,用戶在使用產品的過程中可達到更加特定化和具體化的功能◇⌒,例如告訴產品機器僅僅閱讀報紙的頭條新聞⌒,或僅閱讀菜單的開胃菜部分♀♀□。OrCam MyEye 2可在48個國家地區使用▽△♀,甚至在以色列的選舉中□﹡♂,此設備曾用於幫助盲人和視障公民進行投票∵┊〇。

綠色飛行-Eviation Alice據EPA的數據顯示?,飛行是一項高污染交通方式:在美國航空工業排放的溫室效應氣體佔了交通相關排放量的近四分之一⌒∵↑。Eviation的全電動飛機Alice是一種潛在的解決方案♂↑↑。這款以色列製造的9座飛機向濁氣慢慢的航空界宣告了其已準備好升空?。Eviation 的 CEO Omer Bar-Yohay說道:「我們真正的創新在於輕量化的新型材料△☆,而非電池、電極、或航電系統等」⊿?∟。如果獲得成功∴∟,這款輕型飛機將為更大型的商用飛機鋪路⊙↑。具有650英里航程以及比現有飛機更低噪音的Alice將於2020年進行飛行測試▽。

外賣♂↑☆,現代化↑⌒!14. 可移動能源We Care Solar SuitcasePortable Power - We Care Solar SuitcaseLaura Stachel, a U.S. obstetrician-gynecologist, was observing a complicated baby delivery in Nigeria when the power went out. Electricity cuts are common in the country, which also has one of the world』s highest maternal-mortality rates. So Stachel asked her husband, a solar-power expert, to build an easy-to-use, suitcase-size solution that could run lights for a delivery room along with a fetal heart monitor for her next trip. When she returned to the Nigerian hospital with the first Solar Suitcase, the midwives begged to keep it. Now, Stachel』s NGO has shipped nearly 4,000 units to 27 developing countries, putting an end to deliveries in darkness.

5. 一步到位的華麗Dyson AirwrapOne-Step Glam-Dyson Airwrap「Dyson engineers always start with a problem,」 says Sam Bernard, global director of the company』s personal-care division. In this case, the problem was the irreparable hair damage caused by curling irons and other hot styling tools. Dyson』s solution? Use its prowess in air technology to create a single tool, the $549.99 Airwrap, that dries and styles hair at once, no twisting or heating required. The Airwrap uses the powerful Dyson digital motor V9 to 「vacuum」 sections of hair, and low heat to create waves or curls. 「Before the Airwrap, consumers just accepted that in order to create the style they wanted, they would need to damage their hair with extreme heat,」 Bernard says. 「Since the introduction of our products, they have a choice in the matter.」

無與倫比的聽覺體驗□?∟,蘋果Airpods Pro是什麼讓蘋果公司全新的賣249美元的AirPods Pro從普通耳機中脫穎而出π↑⊙?除了便於攜帶的無線充電盒〇⌒,其真正無線的入耳式耳機還具有先進的噪音管理功能、巧妙的設計選擇和貼心的軟件功能∟↑☆。與之配對的APP可幫助您找到合適尺寸的硅膠耳塞並輕鬆地將防汗耳機牢牢地佩戴⊿π,而通氣的設計消除了例如耳道堵塞之類的經典入耳式耳機存在的問題↑▽〇。傲視群雄的主動降噪功能使您周圍的世界保持安靜- 但您也可以選擇通過打開「通透模式」來保持對周圍環境的感知♀▽♀。儘管您現在無法再將耳機分線器插入iPhone⊿?,您可以使用AirPods Pro(或另一副AirPods)與任何iOS 13設備配對並與朋友共享音頻∵┊。所有這些都為真正的無線耳塞帶來了無與倫比的體驗┊▽。


創造全新的「世界」——我的世界:地球像之前的《Pokémon Go》一樣♂▽,《我的世界:地球》是一款增強現實遊戲⊙∴π,可以將遊戲玩家帶入現實世界↑∟,收集資源並彼此互動﹡□。但與《Pokémon Go》不同♂◇↑,《我的世界:地球》可以允許玩家搭建的虛擬「建築」永遠地留在遊戲平台上﹡♂﹡,以供他人觀賞□□⊙。只需一台智能手機♂∴∴,遊戲玩家就可以在現實世界之上┊┊,再創新世界┊♀∴。搶先體驗版《我的世界:地球》將於11月份在美國上市♀。

升級版人造肉漢堡 - Impossible Burger2.0經典的素食漢堡通過Impossible Burger 2.0進行了升級∵,它是碎牛肉的替代品甚至會產生炭和出血▽☆,儘管它完全由植物蛋白製成♀♂。 其製造商已經利用公眾對今年可持續漢堡的渴望﹡♂△,發佈與漢堡王(Burger King)合作的頭條新聞∵⊙,並在東西海岸的雜貨店推出基於植物的肉﹡。 該公司計劃通過推出其他肉類替代品(如人造雞肉和魚肉)來擴大其產品線☆。 不過目前公司發言人說◇∵,「我們的競爭還只是牛□。」

目光⊙〇♀,為娛樂所用——Comcast Xfinity X 眼控設備此項基於網絡的遠程控制設備及技術◇,可用於計算機△,平板電腦和電視◇♀,旨在讓用戶用視線控制設備﹡↑♂,從而幫助肢體殘障人士:用戶可以使用視線追蹤軟件或其他輔助技術♀□,登錄Xfinity的免費網站↑♀,僅僅使用目光就可選擇點擊網頁上的各種按鈕?,進行瀏覽搜索和記錄♀。對於許多人來說▽,這將是他們第一次擁有選擇和改變頻道的能力♂。

3. 前沿的數據存儲CATALOG DNA 數據寫入器Cutting-Edge Data Storage - CATALOG DNA Data Writer


25. 賦能人民YOLK 太陽能奶牛Power to the people - YOLK Solar CowThe YOLK Solar Cow is helping to improve access to electricity and education in developing nations. Placed near schools, the solar charging system that literally looks like a cow has 「power milk」—white, portable batteries—?that students can take home to their families. Around 500 kids took charged batteries home during pilot programs in Kenya and Tanzania. YOLK says the product will chip away at broader global inequality issues by providing energy to low-income families and encouraging them to send their children to school.



如今∵?,一個華人創業團隊登陸這個榜單♂┊π,並引起了全球的關注?▽◇,在此之前很多人對BrainCo (強腦科技)還所知甚少♂▽┊。

4. 聽到你所看到的OrCam MyEye 2Vision Made Audible - OrCam MyEye 2For those living with visual impairments, the OrCam MyEye 2 could be a game?changer. Described as 「talking glasses,」 the artificial-?intelligence device attaches to the frame of any glasses and can identify faces and currency or read text and information from barcodes aloud. Fitting all this power into such a small device is like 「putting an elephant into a small closet,」 says Amnon Shashua, inventor of the technology. OrCam MyEye 2 can also be useful for those with reading difficulties like dyslexia. A newer version, which is scheduled to come out next year, will allow users to get even more specific, like telling the machine to read only the headlines of a newspaper, or only the appetizer section of a menu. The device is available in 48 countries and has even been used in Israeli elections to help blind and visually impaired citizens cast their ballots.

19. 更綠色的飛行Eviation AliceGreener Flight-Eviation AliceFlying is dirty work—the aviation industry emits nearly a quarter of total transportation-?related greenhouse-?gas emissions in the U.S., according to the EPA. One way to clean it up could be ?Eviation』s all-electric Alice, an Israeli-made nine-seater meant to convince the gas-?guzzling aviation world that electric power is ready for takeoff. 「The real innovation is in the lightweight materials rather than the batteries and motors and controllers and all that,」 says Eviation CEO Omer Bar-Yohay. If successful, the design could pave the way for larger electric commercial aircraft. Alice, which has a range of 650 miles and should be quieter than gas-?powered aircraft, begins flight testing in 2020.


17. 創造全新的「世界」MineCraft WorldsBuilding New Worlds-Minecraft EarthLike Pokémon Go before it, Minecraft Earth is an augmented reality game that sends players out into the real world to gather resources and interact with each other. Unlike Pokémon Go, Minecraft Earth lets players leave permanent digital structures they』ve built on the platform for others to enjoy. Using only a smartphone, fans of the popular game can create whole worlds that hum alongside our own. An early-access version of Minecraft Earth launched in the U.S. in November.

18. 一台更加靈活輕便的電腦聯想ThinkPad X1 可摺疊筆記本A More Flexible PC - Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Foldable Laptop


1. 無與倫比的聽覺體驗蘋果Airpods ProSuperior Listening - Apple Airpods ProWhat sets Apple』s new $249 AirPods Pro apart from your average headphones? Aside from its pocket-friendly wireless charging case, the in-ear, truly wireless earbuds boast advanced noise-managing capabilities, clever design choices and thoughtful software features. A companion app that helps you find the right size silicone tips makes securely fitting the sweat-?resistant earbuds easy, and classic in-ear headphone issues like clogged ears are gone because of the vented design.

保護你的數據-Helm 個人服務器由Google和Yahoo等公司存儲的我們的個人信息似乎比以往任何時候都更容易受到黑客攻擊和泄漏?〇。有一種保護隱私信息的方法:使用附加到自定義域名的電子郵件將其存儲?π。 Helm首席執行官Giri Sreenivas將電子郵件稱為「在線身份的核心」♀〇,通過它您幾乎可以訪問「您擁有的每個在線帳戶」△?。Helm Personal Server的價格為499美元⌒,囊括服務和設備π▽△,可為您提供私人電子郵件並安全地進行存儲文件△♀,聯繫人和日曆♂♂。它的前兩批成品已經售罄▽。


賦能人民 - YOLK太陽能奶牛YOLK太陽牛正在幫助發展中國家改善電力供應和教育水平△。 放在學校附近的太陽能充電系統從字面上看起來像是一頭牛♀□,帶有「動力奶」∴☆,即白色的便攜式電池□△,?學生可以將其帶回家↑?⊿。 在肯雅和坦桑尼亞的試點計劃中◇,約有500名兒童將充電電池帶回家〇▽〇。YOLK表示π,該產品將通過為低收入家庭提供能源並鼓勵他們送孩子上學π♂,從而解決全球範圍內的不平等問題▽⊙。

《時代周刊》讚譽:BrainRobotics 智能假肢開創了腦機接口領域的先河:人工智能算法讓用戶可以操作無限種手勢⊿。並採用一種用戶與手互相學習的先進算法??,讓用戶對手的操作熟練度隨着使用時間不斷提升↑☆,從而做出精細的操控指令⌒◇。

24. 專業攝影變得簡單Remo Tech OBSBOT TailPro Video Made Easy-Remo Tech OBSBOT TailIf you』ve ever shot home movies or YouTube videos solo, you know how hard it is to keep yourself in frame. Now the OBSBOT Tail can be your cinematographer. Just set the $589 camera on a table or tripod; select your subject in the companion app; and the OBSBOT Tail will pan, tilt and zoom to follow them as they prowl the stage or dart across the football field, capturing their movements in 4K video. You can also give commands using hand gestures or through the app, where you can further customize your shooting preferences or style.

16. 太陽能首創光年一號電動車A Solar Power First - Lightyear 1Electric cars are all the rage. But there is the problem of batteries running low far from a charging station. Dutch automotive startup Lightyear has a potential solution in the ?Lightyear?One, a futuristic-?looking electric sedan adorned with solar panels that recharge the car. Solar generates only about 7.5?miles of range every hour, but with an impressive 450 miles of single-charge range to begin with, owners won』t be relying on sunshine alone to get around.



智能拐杖 - WeWalk幾年前♂,當失明的庫爾薩特·塞蘭(Kursat Ceylan)試圖用智能手機地圖應用程序和拐杖拉着行李┊☆□,走向旅館◇,他走向一根電線杆◇,撞傷了額頭┊。 他參与共同開發了 「WeWALK」: 一種智能手杖可以檢測胸部上方的物體並與Google Maps等應用程序配對⊙,從而幫助全球2.5億視力障礙和盲人無需擺弄智能手機來導航♂◇。 WeWALK售價499美元◇。

為玩家而生的VR - Oculus QuestVR趕上公眾的步伐很慢◇。它很昂貴□∟◇,並且需要一些技術知識和裝備才能參与∴⊿。 Quest可能是最終將VR帶入美國每個家庭的那個系統┊⊿﹡。與較早的高端VR設置不同〇,Oculus的最新設備無需連接到PC或需要任何外部電線△⌒,其具有VR功能的控制器和內置運動跟蹤攝像頭可讓您安全地在房間內移動並讓玩家自己完全沉浸參与遊戲或體驗內容↑∵。設置Quest△?,您只需戴上耳機◇↑♂,在所使用的房間內繪製一個虛擬的安全邊界π◇〇,然後進行操作即可♂∴↑。一旦進入遊戲中﹡⊙,可能性幾乎是無限的∟。您可能會發現自己身處一群歡呼的人群包圍的拳擊台中↑☆,在星球大戰(Star Wars)的世界中追求使命♂▽,或者在Beat Saber中用刀劍砍音樂♀。如此沉浸式的體驗以至於摘下耳機后┊﹡⊙,您可能會驚訝地發現您一直都在同一個房間中⊿∵♂。全套產品的起價為399美元┊,低於該級別的其他VR耳機♂♀π。消費者顯然會為此買單:Quest在5月份發佈產品已經全部售罄;並且僅在最初的兩周內△∟□,Oculus售出了超過500萬美元的Quest應用和遊戲▽。

21. 追蹤水污染Draper/Sprout Microplastics-Sensing Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

一步到位的華麗 - Dyson捲髮棒6. 收割風能GE的Haliade-X海上風力渦輪發電機Harnessing Wind, More Efficiently-GE Haliade-X 12 MW Offshore Wind Turbine



追蹤水污染-Draper&Sprout的微塑料感應自動水下航行器從任何一片大型水域提取的水體樣品中⊿∵▽,我們都能發現塑料微粒或者小於5mm的塑料殘片污染的存在﹡。許多專家都表示♂,塑料微粒具有威脅水生生物安全以及污染人類食物、水源的潛力▽,因此需要得到我們的關注◇⊿﹡。但是人們對塑料微粒污染的了解並不多┊┊。世界衛生組織在其八月份的一份報告中提出了獲取塑料微粒更多相關數據的緊迫性⌒。全自動塑料微粒感應水下航行器就在這時登場π。由Draper and Sprout 和 Environmental Protection Agency 聯合開發的這款航行器可以在一片水域中潛航並收集分析其中的塑料微粒數據∵♂∟。Draper的項目主導Lou Kratchman表示這款機器可以作為更進一步的塑料微粒研究的跳板◇♀。Kratchman說道:「我們需要一種類似世界空氣質量指數(World Air Quality Index)的參數□∟,像全球氣候地圖那樣能讓我們實時觀測塑料微粒污染的情況☆。「 雖然這款水下無人機仍處於概念狀態∟⊿,一款相似的原型機已經成功在夏威夷進行了使用┊∵。


虛擬手術 - Osso VR9. 未來的電視LG 88英寸OLED 8K TVTV of the Futures - LG 88 Inch OLED 8K TV4K televisions have finally gone mainstream, and prices are falling. But another big upgrade is just around the corner: 8K displays, like LG』s 88-in. model, are trickling out and promise even better picture quality for the big game or family movie night. LG』s display is the first 8K TV with OLED technology, which allows for a higher-?contrast picture and a thinner ?display—the LG TV is a mere 1.96 in. thick. 8K-?quality movies don』t yet exist, but LG』s display will 「upscale」 existing video until true 8K content becomes available. LG』s Tim Alessi says that, unlike other TVs, this model』s resolution will even allow for comfortable viewing in tighter spaces. 「You can get up super close to it, and you』ll still see a solid, clear, well-defined image,」 he says.

This web-based remote control for computers, tablets and TVs is designed to help those with physical disabilities, by letting users control devices with their eyes. Using their own eye-gaze software or other assistive technology, users log in to Xfinity』s free site and can surf, search and record just by looking at different buttons on the web page. For many, it will be the first time they』ve had the power to change the channel.

減少錯誤診斷-Qlarity Imaging QuantX診斷乳腺癌通常是一個充滿擔憂的漫長過程△。21世紀發明的所有可以做腫瘤成像的科技工具⌒∴↑,最終的判斷和診斷還是依賴於放射科醫生的眼睛和判斷﹡♂☆。美國每年要做3千萬的乳腺癌成像檢查△□π,這也導致了許多的誤判▽π♂。QuantX用AI軟件輔助分析核磁共振成像◇∵﹡,支持或挑戰放射科醫生的診斷⊙◇□。這個系統在2017年通過FDA認證∴,並有效減少了39%的遺漏癌症診斷π↑,整體的準確度提升了20%↑∵。QuantX現在在芝加哥大學和德克薩斯大學的癌症中心試點♀∟,接下來將會有更大的應用⊙♂〇。


As temperatures rise, political pressure has grown to move the world toward clean energy. GE』s Haliade-X offshore wind turbine, the first of which was raised this year, offers one piece of the puzzle. Each blade of the world』s largest offshore wind turbine stretches more than the length of a football field, and its height tops that of the Washington Monument. This is a significant advance: when it comes to offshore wind turbines, bigger often means better. With digital controls and other upgrades, it』s the most efficient in the industry, churning even when the wind is not strong enough to drive other turbines. Soon, GE expects it to enter service in the Northeast U.S. as well as across Europe, China and Japan.


太陽能首創 - 光年一號電動車電動汽車風靡一時⊙﹡∵。然而在遠離充電裝置的地方耗盡電量卻是一種擔憂△⊿﹡。荷蘭汽車創業公司 Lightyear 通過其未來感十足的裝備了太陽能電池板的電動車Lightyear One提出了一種潛在的解決方案∟⊙。雖然太陽能每小時只能給車充上7.5英里的續航里程⊿△△,但搭配上其本身的450英里單次充電航程♀□,用戶並不需要單純依靠太陽能來使用這台車π。